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Ten simple things you can do in Bognor Regis to celebrate...


In this 90 second read, we look at how one kind act started a movement in America which has become increasingly popular in the UK over the past few...

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Revealed - The Love / Hate Relationship People Have with ...


​​​​​​​In this 2-minute read, we look at what people love, and hate, about homes in Bognor Regis.

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Will Brexit have an impact on the value of your home in P...


In this 2-minute read, we look at the effect leaving the EU has had on the property market, and if there will be a ‘Brexit bounce’ for house prices...

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Are you wasting your money in Bognor Regis?


In this 2-minute read, we look at ways people in Bognor Regis can stop wasting their hard-earned cash.

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How to beat the bluest of Mondays?


In this 90 second read, we share why Monday 20 January is the calendar’s gloomiest day and how you can use as it as a springboard for better things.

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